A Few Words…

From Your President

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as the Club’s president for 2020. I’m looking forward to serving the club and hope that we a have a fun, educational, and prosperous year! I also want to thank Jim Sukup for serving as the Club president the past three years. He served his position well. Again, thank you for your service and dedication, Jim.

To pursue numismatic knowledge through the study and research of coins, currency, medals, tokens and other related items, and the sharing of this information through monthly meetings, dialogue and the publication of literature.

Acquire and disseminate numismatic knowledge; cultivate fraternal relations among collectors and students; assist and encourage new collectors and maintain a collection of numismatic specimens and literature.

Our philosophy
To encourage and promote the science of numismatics by the investigation, discussion and study of coins, currencies and medals of the world; to encourage and assist beginners or new collectors; to foster the interests of youth in the science of numismatics; to acquire and disperse numismatic knowledge, and to cultivate fraternal relation among collectors and students.

Want to join the Indianapolis Coin Club? We’d love to have you! Dues are only $20 per year; for junior members under 18 years old, it’s $5 per year. As a member, you get to:

  • Hear members and guest speakers talk about interesting numismatic topics. Recent presentations have been on Numismatic Literature, British Coins and Tokens, Coin Collecting to the Fullest,Coins with Stories and watching out for counterfeits.
  • Buy and sell coins in the exciting club auction, held 11 times a year.
  • See what other members bring in for the monthly interesting numismatic finds (you never know what will turn up).
  • Work with other members on our annual coin show or rent a table to buy or sell.
  • Hang out with other people who share your interest and passion in coins, paper money, tokens, medals, and all things numismatic (that’s the best reason to join!).
  • A monthly meeting that can enhance your collecting enjoyment
  • A monthly meeting newsletter with original articles and updates about our hobby
  • A microscope available at each meeting for close-up inspection of your coins, medals and/or paper money
  • A library of numismatic reference books
  • Access to knowledgeable collectors who can help you with your collection
  • Having a chance each month to examine a wide range of coins, tokens, medals and paper money from the US and around the world in a safe, friendly environment.

Sharon Bower, President